Sarah - Traineeship New York

I spent a wonderful 18 months in NYC enjoying your Trainee USA program. I have to say to date, it was the most adventurous and exciting time of my life.

It’s amazing how fast my trip went by and I cannot even begin to tell you about all the amazing adventures I have encountered in this crazy ‘melting pot’.

The Trainee USA program was extremely beneficial in my tertiary learning in furthering my studies in the tourism field.

I had the pleasure of meeting other participants of the program in my workplace from all over the world. I was primarily working on my Management skills in a wholesale tour operator company in midtown Manhattan.

I thank Emma Mackay for all her support & for answering all my queries leading up to this wonderful journey.

It truly is a once in a life time opportunity that I will never forget.

Sarah Klain

The Trainee USA program has several significant differences to the Work & Travel USA program. To read more about the Trainee USA program click here.