Katie - 2 months in.....

Katie Allwood from NSW, is currently in America on a Work & Travel USA 12 month visa. She wrote to tell us about her experiences thus far as she travels around the country whilst contemplating when and where she will start working**.

I’ve been in the States for about 2 months so far.

So far I’ve slept in a lighthouse, camped in Yosemite National Park, and stayed in a home hostel with an American family. I’ve biked along Venice Boulevard, sunbaked in Malibu and walked the pier in Santa Monica. I’ve seen sea lions, elephant seals, deer, squirrels and a raccoon. I’ve been to the home towns of some of my favourite bands, and met beautiful people from all over the world.

I'd definitely recommend this visa to anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into the culture of the country than can be done in a month or two of travel. Because the visa is fairly open, and there are no time restrictions on starting work, you can really make what you want of your experiences, and your time here.

Actually applying for the visa was a bit of a worry for me, as I studied at a private College, not a University in Australia, and I thought this might affect my chances of being accepted. The staff at Student Placement were so friendly and reassuring, and talked me through each step of the application process, answering every question I had (and I had a few!), nothing was ever too much!