Bonnie Lane 12 month Work and Travel USA Visa Program

My journey:

I am having the absolute time of my life in the USA and couldn’t be happier. I arrived in Los Angeles 5 months ago and had a wonderful week long holiday, and then had the amazing experience of travelling by train onto New Orleans. The train went through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, passing through stunning landscapes. After a short holiday in New Orleans I moved onto New York where I set myself up for 4 months. I found a place to live in Brooklyn in a very lively and interesting neighbourhood – it felt like the ‘real’ New York and was so different from any place I had been back home.

As previously planned, I began a 3-month internship at a digital media arts centre in Soho. This was a great experience and I made many connections. To get to my internship I bought a pushbike and rode over the Brooklyn or Williamsburg bridge everyday which I loved. I completely feel in love with New York and certainly felt the magic everyone talks about. I also had the experience of working for a film screening company which was fantastic.

I am now at an Artist Residency in Vermont with 50 other artists from all over the world. I have made great connections and friends and had way too much fun. This has been one of the best experiences of my life.